Game of Thrones Cast attends the panel and Q&A during Comic-Con International 2014 at San Diego Convention Center on July 25, 2014 in San Diego, California

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guys you really don’t need to keep acting like everyone on tumblr hates sansa and that you are gloriously rising up to defend her against a swarm of ignorant bloggers.

shes the most popular asoiaf character on tumblr by a wide margin.

even saying you dislike her is enough to spring up hate anons and people calling you stupid, i’ve seen it many times.

like everybody likes her here. we think she’s great.

you are just preaching to the choir.

calm down everything is okay.


One of these days, Jaime is gonna fall in love with Brienne. It’s the Stockholm syndrome, R. R. Martin style.

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Meera + Hodor + Bran + Jojen by tyusiu


Access: One of the things that was so sweet this season was Sandor… his affection for, and protection of Sansa. Will anything continue or is he out the door at the end of 9?

Sophie: I don’t think you see much after Episode 9 of Sandor until next season, but hopefully there will be a development yet again in Sansa and Sandor’s relationship. I love their relationship, I think it’s a very complicated one, but I think it’s very beautiful, in a way, because Sandor’s been through so much and he’s been at the hands of bullying from his older brother, and he’s seeing this happen to Sansa, who is very vulnerable, not in terms of mental ability, but in terms of physicality.


Access: Speaking of music, Rory [McCann, who plays The Hound] told me at the very beginning of the season that he had a guitar on set and the kids on set would ask him to play songs from ‘Glee.’ Is this true and were you a part of it?

Sophie: Oh, I didn’t know this… I remember once, we were in Scotland and we were shooting the pilot, Rory got up on the piano and started playing in this bar in Scotland and everyone was joining in. It was really nice.

Access: He seems like a fun guy, but I would be weary of his pranks.

Sophie: Rory? Yeah, I can definitely see this. He’s a really cool guy though. He’s so nice and I don’t think he gets enough credit for his work. He’s awesome. I love him.

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Oh god, what did I miss this time guys?

More hate in our ship?

Let me guess…I bet it’s all about Harry the Heir?

Lol yea, I saw that coming the moment a certain someone posted their opinion of him and Sansa in the Sansa Stark tag……*cough* *cough*……

Ugh, this fandom with Sansa ship wars. Just let us ship whoever the hell we want and move along~