FANMIX MEME: Saltwater Queen, Shireen Baratheon (req. by Joanna) (x)

01. CHILDHOOD, alexandre desplat (x)  {instrumental}

02. SAD EYES, bat for lashes (x)  when you smile those sad eyes look sadder and sadder still / i can tell that you’re lonely but it seems now / there’s nothing you want me to do / so I won’t try to take the sadness from those eyes that I love

03. ROSLYN, bon iver & st. vincent (x)  sea and the rock below / caught in the undertow / bones blood and teeth erode / they will be crashing low / wings wouldn’t help you / you barely are blinking / wagging your face around / when’d this just become a mortal home?

04. YOU’VE ESCAPED, aloha (xsay hello to the monster in your home / who roams around when he thinks that he’s alone / it’s a dream / but no one can hear you scream / no one can hear you / you’re not blind/ there’s a star in the sky

05. SALTWATER QUEEN, the battle of land and sea  (x) oh heavy with a look of satin put round her face / with the devil peering close by on the street / with a little boy charm and anchors of wide heavy iron at her feet / she whispers and cries in harmonies / for her saltwater king

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